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The 8 most important phones for any dog ​​owner !

Important: This article has been translated with automatic translation. For your reference, you can find the original version of this article HERE.

The following phone numbers are the most important for any dog ​​owner.

Each owner of the dog should keep and have at hand the next eight phone numbers, at home, on your mobile phone, in the first aid kit of your dog, in addition to having a copy stored in the glove compartment of your car .

Apart from being a valuable information for your dog, it is possible that one day it may also be useful for a friend who needs it.

Think that in case of emergency, the last thing you need is to go and look for this information at the pet's shop or start looking for it online.

The following numbers could save your dog quickly.


1- Telephone number of the veterinarian.

    Local Veterinarian: ________________


2- Telephone number of the emergency animal hospital 24 hours.

    24h emergency hospital: ________________


3- Telephone number for cases of loss or theft.

    To the Local Police (Depending on the population and autonomous community, the possibilities involved are minimal): 092

Spain: Al SEPRONA (Nature Guard Civil Protection Service): 062 www.guardiacivil.es

To the local town hall: ________________

To the animal protector: ________________

To the municipal kennel: ________________

To the center where we adopted the animal (if adopted): ________________

Europe: Europetnet www.europetnet.com

To the REIAC (Spanish Network of Identification of Animals of Company) There is no telephone of information only WEB www.reiac.es

Spain: Each autonomous community has its own database

    ANDALUCÍA (RAIA Registry): 954542701 and 954282025 www.raia.es
ARAGON (RIACA Registry): 976318533 and 976318438 www.riaca.org
ASTURIAS (RIAPA Registry): 985212907 www.colegioveterinarios.net
BALEARICS (RIACIB Registry): 971713049 and 971713044 www.covib.org
CANARIAS (ZOOCAN Register): 928296959 and 902301001 www.zoocan.net
CANTABRIA (RACIC Registry): 942207812 www.racic.org/racic/
CASTILLA LA MANCHA (Registration SIIA-CLM): 925223952 www.siiaclm.org
CASTILLA Y LEÓN (Registration SIACYL) 947229663 www.siacyl.org
CATALONIA (Registration AIAC): 934189294 and 902170401 www.veterinaris.cat
CEUTA (SIACE Registry): 956514236 and 956514236 www.siace.org
EXTREMADURA (RIACE Registry): 927224425 www.riace.es
GALICIA (REGIAC Registry): 988603075 and 988603075 https://eume.xunta.es/regiac/
LA RIOJA (RIAC Registry): 941291100 www.larioja.org/riac
MADRID (RIAC Registry): 902222 678 and 915645459 www.riacmadrid.org
MELILLA (SIAMEL Registry): 651821107 www.siamel.org
MURCIA (SIAMU Registry): 968236458 www.siamu.org
NAVARRA (REIAC Registry): 848423481 www.covetna.org
BASQUE COUNTRY (REGIA Registry): 945016311 and 945019643 www.nekanet.net/censocanino
VALENCIA (Registry, RIVIA): 902151640 www.rivia.org/cas/veter.htm

See additional information HERE


4- Telephone number for cases of poisoning.

    Spain: National Institute of Toxicology: +34 915620420
Europe (European Union): 112
United States: +1 (888) 4264435


5- Information telephone number to travel abroad.

Spain travel by plane: +34 902404704 / +34 913211000 (AENA) www.aena.es
Spain travel by train: +34 902320320 and +34 902240505 (RENFE) www.renfe.com
United States: +1 (800) 545-USDA


6- Phone number information emergency cases.

Spain: 112
Europe (European Union): For all types of emergencies: 112
United States: +1 (888) 4264435


7- Phone number for legal assistance cases.

Cases of Abuse: from Spain 062 (SEPRONA)
Protectors of animals that have legal advice ________________
Your insurance company: ________________
Royal Canine Society of Spain: +34 914264960 www.rsce.es
United States +1 (707) 7952533


8- Telephone number sterilization or castration advice.

    Spain: There is no official body
Private Association of Veterinarians AVEPA (Spain): +34 932531522 www.avepa.org
United States: +1 (800) 248-SPAY


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