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TiendaPerrosOnLine is a company formed by a group of highly qualified professionals of the dog and wholesales sectors. Together we have decided to fund this company with the objective of bringing health and well-being to our dog friends.

TiendaPerrosOnLine is born under the same ideal of professionalism, enthusiasm and work dedication, achieving day by day that our clients find what they need. Currently, the products catalogue that we offer for dogs is very ample and we will continue to add more variety each day to our products catalogue.

We have the support of the best brands in nutrition and accessories for dogs, we only offer high-quality products, we are always in a constant commitment to improve our services, responding to the demands of our clients.

As a company that operates only on the internet, we can 100% focus ourselves to facilitate your daily purchases, you only have to choose the products that you want through our website and let us to send them directly to your address. Our detailed products descriptions are complemented with commentaries and pictures that will help you to choose the adequate products for your dog.